Junk Science? Number 125: More real science on Covid-19 for Dr Anthony S. Fauci

According to UK Government figures, 0.44 to 0.878 per cent minimum of those vaccinated had Adverse Reactions. While the Pfizer vaccine had the least, Astra Zeneca had almost double the Pfizer level.


Data is from UK Government figures, 9 December 2020 to end June 2021 (1).

  • During this time 128,204 people have died from Covid-related illness
  • Three vaccines are approved in the UK, Pfizer, Moderna and the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine.
  • The UK has a Yellow Card system for reported vaccine adverse reactions. Obviously real levels of adverse reactions could be higher as British people are conservative and do not tend to complain easily.
  • 19.1 million first doses (+11.2 million second doses) of the Pfizer vaccine; 24.6 million doses (+ 21.5 million second doses) of the AZ vaccine; and 1 million first doses of Moderna vaccine have been given.
  • 84,421 Yellow cards have been attributed to the 19 million people taking Pfizer; 216,097 for AZ; and 7,853 for Moderna. 901 cases have been reported with no vaccine specified.
  • This represents:

– 0.444 per cent for Pfizer;

– 0.7853 per cent for Moderna, and

– 0.878 per cent for Astrazeneca

of people who had the respective vaccines, reporting (as opposed to actually having) adverse reactions.

Total Deaths attributed to Covid-19

Over the past 4 years the total deaths in the UK have been recorded as:

So in the year before Covid, the numbers of incremental deaths went down, but in the year of Covid, the actual number of incremental deaths was 123,100 over the previous year. If this were all due to Covid it represents 0.2% total population. Of course the whole population have not actually had Covid, and the per cent of those infected who died,is not included in these figures. 

So, to date, 0.2 per cent of the population died attributed to Covid-19 related illness; and 0.4 to 0.878 per cent minimum of those vaccinated had Adverse Reactions, depending upon the vaccine.
Since, as we have previously confirmed, a high proportion of those dying were old and had metabolic syndrome, it will be interesting to see if there is a continued increase in overall deaths, or whether this was a spike linked to people who already had pre-existing illnesses that lead to death.



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