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The most vulnerable patient is the ignorant patient

Post No.13: Making a real difference

Becky Simpson

I have had cancer for six years.

The most important thing I’ve learned is the most vulnerable patient is the ignorant patient; and that is why CANCERactive is the best cancer charity there is. The charity understands this.

Forget women running around in pink bras raising even more money for charities who frankly still haven’t come up with any answers. CANCERactive empowers the patient. I recommend it, and the Rainbow Diet, to every cancer patient I meet.

I regularly run half-marathons and am very healthy and active. This is in no small part because of what I have learned from the CANCERactive website.

The Rainbow Diet is by far the most sustainable and well researched cancer diet out there and believe me I have tried many!!!

The only way to give yourself the best chance of survival and quality of life is through knowledge.

For example, sadly Doctors don’t always make the right choices and to know something about the drugs you are being given is crucial. CANCERactive tells you, warts and all.

I am also a big fan of so called ‘complementary and alternative medicine’ but you need to know the pit falls. Again, CANCERactive tells you the truth – when there’s research and when there isn’t.

Knowledge about cancer is changing everyday all over the world – it is wonderful, via the charity’s research centre ‘Cancer Watch’, to know about those changes and the latest developments. They have told us things that appeared as front page headlines or in on other charities’ websites only several years later.

Chris Woollams and his team dedicate their lives to helping cancer patients in a way no other charity does and, to me, he is a modern day hero.

Becky Simpson


For a review on the Rainbow Diet – and how it can help you beat cancer click this link:

To go to the CANCERactive research centre (Cancer Watch) for the latest cancer research, information and news, click here: cancer news and research

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