Junk Science? Number 105: Court awards damages after HPV vaccine and death of girl

A family has spent 8 years and taken the death of their daughter to the Department of Health and Human Services Court in America. Why? Their daughter died after receiving an HPV jab (Gardasil). The official cause of death Christina Richelle Tarsell “died from an arrhythmia induced by an autoimmune response”.

In a 22-page ruling by Judge Mary Ellen Coster Williams, the court overturned a previous decision by the Vaccine Court stating that the Special Master, Christian J. Morgan’s, approach for analyzing the case “placed an overly onerous burden of proof”.

The court argued that Christina Richelle may have had arrhythmia before the jabs. Yet her medical records showed clearly that her first case days after her first injection, and the second case days after the second injection.

The Health and Human Services Court Judge ruled:

Petitioner’s motion for review is GRANTED. The Special Master’s decision denying compensation is VACATED, and the case is REMANDED to the Special Master for further proceedings consistent with this decision…

This ruling forced the Vaccine Court to declare:

The Court’s Opinion and Order required additional consideration consistent with the legal principles articulated by the Court for analyzing the evidence in this tragic case about a woman, Christina Tarsell, who died much too young. Under the approach dictated by the Court, Ms. Tarsell is entitled to compensation. The parties should anticipate that a separate order regarding damages will issue shortly. Pursuant to Vaccine Rule 28.1(a), the Clerk’s Office is instructed to notify the Court of this ruling.

We have told you the dangers of HPV vaccines before. In America the Vaccine Adverse Events reporting system list 271 deaths and over 57,500 adverse event reports. It’s huge!

Yet still in the UK, the HPV vaccine, with little evidence of long term protection against HPV in females and next to no evidence in males, is being now touted as essential for young boys, not just girls.

A vaccine which may need to be given every five years to the entire population? It sound like a money spinner.

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