Junk Science? Number 108: #FireFauci calls as strange links to the Covid emerge

Dr Anthony Fauci needs to answer some serious questions; it seems increasingly likely that the NIAID instructed the NIH to pass funds (directly or indirectly) ultimately for gain of function research into bat viruses and one escaped the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Back in October 2014 the Obama Government banned all Federal Funding on efforts to weaponise influenza, SARS and MERS and generally on all efforts for ‘Gain of Function’ work on pathogens and viruses to make them more infectious.

This occurred as a result of a rising number of leaks from laboratories in America and the increasingly poor record of Biosafety. For example, in 2014 the CDC shut several laboratories; one had shipped live anthrax; another had misplaced live smallpox samples and a third had shipped a live ‘influenza’ strain.

Clearly, leaks to the outside world from such labs are not that uncommon.

Because of this ban, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) decided to give a Chinese Laboratory in Wuhan samples of the American products so far created, and endowed that centre with a $3.8 million annual donation from the tax payer funded National Institutes of Health budget. The NIH is the US Government’s primary agency for the health of America.

The man who seems to have gone around the direct orders of his President was Dr. Anthony Fauci. The discovery was first reported in the UK newspaper, The Daily Mail.

Some questions need answering:

  1. What on earth made Fauci want to hand over phials of incredibly sensitive biological material?
  2. Why would he think that a Laboratory in Wuhan China would be more safe that his faulty American Laboratories?
  3. Did he believe his funds were not going to be used for ‘gain of function’ research?
  4. What did he think would happen if the Chinese did weaponise a Sars or a Mers – did he think that they would simply hand it back? Share the knowledge?

Right now, the US population are up in arms threatening to sue China for poor care, leaks, deaths in the USA, crashing the economy and more. Trump himself constantly refers to ‘The Chinese Virus’. Some people are even talking about war!

But shouldn’t the first port of call be an immediate Senate hearing into the role and knowledge of Dr Fauci? He is the little guy who stands next to President Trump on all Covid briefings shaking his head when Trump talks of Hydroxychloroquine, or Plasma Therapy or the drug Remdesivir. Fauci is the one who says ‘vaccine’ whenever asked the time of day.

Reports came out over the past few days suggesting that somehow Mr Fauci was in bed with Mr Gates to make significant sums of money between them over a vaccine. No hard evidence shows this to be true.

Three vaccines are in full tests, the first trial began in mid-March, as a jointly funded operation between the NIAID and Moderna Inc. Apparently investigations have thrown up no financial ties between Dr Fauci and Mr Gates’ Moderna Inc. But life is not quite that simple.

According to the NIH, manufacturing for the vaccine is supported by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Institution, and the Gates Foundation will be funding that.

So Gates is putting money into the vaccine development but there is no evidence that Fauci stands to gain financially.


There is now a large and growing #FireFauci campaign in the USA. This includes DeAnna Lorraine who stood against Congress Leader Nancy Pelosi for her seat in California. And whose stance against Fauci was even retweeted by Trump.

What I’m suggesting ” Lorraine said,“Is that Trump brings in additional health experts who don’t have anything to gain, financially or otherwise, from the treatment of Covid ”. She is on Twitter at the moment quoting Fauci as saying on February 29th, that there was nothing to worry about from Covid and it ‘posed no threat to the public at large’.

* Given what we know about the Wuhan Institute of Virology – it has a ‘Gain of Function’ group led by Dr Shi, the number 1 virologist in the world on coronaviruses; she is even nicknamed Bat Woman, for her expert skills. And the Laboratory building is old and a leak could occur just as easily as it has done in the USA.

* Given we know the USA has been involved in ‘Gain of Function’ research in the past before Obama stopped it.

* Given leading US  ‘Gain of function’ researcher in the USA Ralph S. Baric has even published at least one generalized paper with the Bat Woman of Wuhan (1). And,

* Given that the nearest Horseshoe bats live at least 900 km from Wuhan.

Shouldn’t Dr. Fauci be answering some pretty serious questions right now to the Senate and the US population? And the rest of us? It may just have been his naivety; it may have been some grand plan. But we do need to know, and he does look increasingly out of his depth.


  1. Nature Medicine – A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence –


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