Junk Science? Number 126: The one question Fauci must answer

The whole scandal, for that’s what it is, of the origins of Covid-19 and whether the US taxpayer was funding dangerous research which leaked could be laid to rest if the inquisitors started by asking the right questions and one in particular. 

The Republicans believe Dr. Fauci has been lying to Congress. And they repeatedly ask him if he spent $600,000 of US taxpayers money (and probably other sums before that) buying specific ‘gain of function’ research in Wuhan.

He says he didn’t, and quite probably he is answering the question correctly and honestly when he says the National Institutes of Health (NIH) “has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology”.

The reason the enquiries have flip flopped around is because no one has yet asked the most important question:

Dr Fauci. When did you first learn that the Wuhan Institute of Virology did ‘gain of function’ research?

This question gives Fauci a huge problem.

He cannot say it doesn’t, or that he doesn’t know that it does. Congress already has his leaked emails where he is in a panic with others in February 2020 over Ralph Baric and Shi Zhengli’s research on gain of function.

So how long has he known?

Actually, according to a June 2021 MIT article (1) Shi had been finding numerous Coronaviruses in bat caves but she did not know how to culture them in the Laboratory. 

In 2013, Ralph Baric approached Shi – he had been working in America and could already bring a virus to life from its genetic code, and COULD MIX AND MATCH VARIOUS PARTS OF VIRUSES.

Now, no one is questioning Baric’s motives. The MIT article states that he wanted to create a universal vaccine against as many SARS-like viruses as possible so he wanted to show the immune system a cocktail of spikes.

In 2012 Fauci himself said in a paper (2) he  defended controversial gain-of-function research, saying that the “benefits” gained from the science “outweigh the risk” of an accidental pandemic breaking out. 

In 2016, technology ‘invented and owned’ by the NIH was licensed to both Pfizer and Moderna. A March 21 2021 article by the New York Times (3) discusses this and how they needed the technology to create a vaccine ‘just in case’. By using Government technology, they agree to refrain from charging exorbitant prices to the public and probably pay a royalty to Dr. Fauci’s NIAID/NIH. 

mRNA-1273 was developed by Government Scientists before it was handed over to Moderna.

None of this shows Fauci was speaking anything other than the truth. He probably fervently believes he did not fund a piece of gain of function research, and his Government body were just doing their job, thinking ahead and exploring with Mr Gates’ company a ‘Let’s be ready if’, strategy.

I’m not too sure I believe all that, but here’s the real catch.

When you pay $600,000 for a piece of research, you are funding the researchers in the specific research, plus all the overheads of the Institute. In many Companies in America, the mark-up on a worker might be 100-150%. And that money goes to the building upkeep, the men on the door, the security guards, the bosses in charge and pays for other bits of research the centre wants to do for itself. It is always the case. Every company works like this!

So Fauci was funding a Laboratory in Wuhan and paying for a research document from some scientists; but at least half the money was going to overheads in that building.

If Fauci knew they were doing gain of function research, in the same building, he was at best completely naive to think that not one cent of American money was being spent on it. 

And, given that research on viruses was stopped in the USA after three reported leaks in ten months (as we covered previously), he should have been well aware of the dangers of potential leaks.

What is more worrying is what management control did he have on taxpayers’ money, while the researchers were researching? 

Did he just hand over the money to the Eco Health people and wait for the document? Did he have no person inside the building reporting to him, no knowledge that 3 people had been rushed to Hospital in November 2019? No knowledge that 13 researchers were working for the Chinese Army? It seems odd that an Australian broadcasting crew can get film of bats inside the Institute but Fauci knew nothing.

Being stupid is incompetence. 

Where I come from, being stupid when you are in charge gets you fired. 



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