Junk Science? Number 128: Ivermectin doesn’t work – really?

Taking 0.2 mg per kilo of body weight every 2 weeks as a preventative measure; or taking a similar dose on day 1, 3, 7 and 14 after developing Covid symptoms, alongside antihistamines, a small aspirin and N-acetyl cysteine is pure quackery. Right?

Perhaps that’s an anomaly unique to Africa?

In India (as of August 29, 2021), which has a population of 1,366,000,000 people, there have been 32,737,000 cases (2.3% population). and 438,210 deaths (0.032% population). Only 10.6% of people are vaccinated (approx 145.000,000) so this is what happens in a largely unvaccinated country.

However, several regions use Ivermectin, thanks to Dr Suyra Kent and Doctors at the Academy of Medical Education who have been ignoring WHO guidelines against Ivermectin. 

The worst hit region in India is Maharashtra with a population of 114,200,000 people. It has 6,460,000 recorded cases (5.6% population) and 137,000 deaths (2.1% cases; 0.12% population). Contrast this with Uttar Pradesh which uses Ivermectin extensively and, being the most population-dense region of India, is most likely to have high levels of this ‘highly contagious’ disease; Population 204,100,000;  cases 1,710,000 (0.8% population), deaths 22,818 (0.011% population).

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