Junk Science? Number 36: Bully Boy Skeptics show their true colours again with WDDTY

Help us fight the bully boys

What Doctors Don’t Tell You has just launched a 100-page glossy version in UK stores – and already it’s being targeted by the bully boys who want the title banned.  They’ve even contacted our distributors, asking them to stop supplying the title.

These champions of free speech include Simon Singh (co-author with Edzard Ernst of the book ‘Trick or Treatment’) and his chums, including ‘paranormal researcher’ Hayley Stevens.

Singh has written to our distributors, Comag, to get them to stop supplying the title, while Singh, Stevens and fellow trolls are busy complaining about the title to retailers who stock it.  Singh inspired the Nightingale Collaboration, which seeks to stop all alternative practitioners from making any claims whatsoever on their websites.

Please support WDDTY and help ensure it remains on the shelves for everyone to read.  Let the retailers know they are doing the right thing in stocking it:

WH Smith



We need your support today.  Don’t let the bully boys suppress every non-Pharma voice.

Thank you

Bryan Hubbard

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