Junk Science? Number 113: Moderna’s Coronavirus vaccine ‘promising’

Bill Gates’ Moderna vaccine company has published the first data on its new Coronavirus vaccine, which it now plans to take into larger scale Clinical Trials on July 1st .

This recent research was conducted in Seattle with 45 volunteers all of which were chosen because they were healthy. The subjects were divided into three groups of 15, and received either low, medium or high dose vaccine.

No volunteer tested had Metabolic Syndrome features, nor were any of the volunteers over 60, the groups for whom Coronavirus has posed the biggest threat.

Of those taking the highest level of vaccine, three (20%) needed hospitalisation and medical intervention.

It would appear that out of the total 45 people only 8, developed antibodies, which is really the whole purpose of a vaccine. Unusually – and especially for results deemed ‘promising’ – very few research details were released by Moderna.

All this comes as the World Health Organisation has declared that ‘It is very rare to ‘catch’ Covid-19 from asymptomatic carriers’ (1), pointing the way to testing rather than vaccination.

We may have shut businesses down for no reason.



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