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Junk Science? Number 31: Niacin outperforms heart drug

Niacin outperforms heart drug

Cholesterol beating drugs are all the rage. Statins are routinely dished out to reduce heart attack risk blah, blah. There have even been claims that statins reduce lung cancer risk – subsequently shown to be false. Now, with more than a hint of embarrassment, Clinical Trials have been halted in the USA because an anti-cholesterol drug, was outperformed by a B vitamin, niacin.

The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that niacin out-performed Merck´s drug Zetia for preventing the build-up of arterial plaque, a symptom of cardiovascular disease. Patients taking niacin showed a “significant shrinkage” in artery wall thickness, while those on Zetia showed no such improvement. The rate of ‘cardiovascular events’ (that’s heart attacks to you and me) in the niacin group was only one-fifth that in the Zetia group.

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