Junk Science? Number 117: Coronavirus, the Inconvenient truth

The detailed evidence and research on positive Covid tests, the statistics on deaths from Covid, and the relationship between the two is increasingly being shown by Government data and research to be misleading in the way portrayed by Politicians and the Media.

Here we look at Part 1 on ‘What research and data actually tells us about Covid’:-

1. Testing – a number of Medical centres (e.g. MIT) have developed a PCR test – this detects Covid-19 genetic material in a nasal or throat swab using a lab technique called polymerase chain reaction. It is highly accurate and considered the ‘gold standard’ test (1).

2. False positives – The Laboratory doing the test ‘amplifies’ the genetic material provided 35 to 45 times and can pick up any viral genetic material that might be present. But, the fact is that this can come from any past coronavirus, dead or alive. The common cold is a coronavirus. The CDC and the WHO has stated for over 20 years that positive tests (SARS, MERS, H1N1, Ebola) must be corroborated by the subject showing symptoms. With Covid-19 these recommendations were dropped.(2). This has caused a much higher level of false positives from PCR tests.

3. In a New York Hospitals study on women routinely tested for Covid on admission to give birth, 29 of 33 women who tested positive had no symptoms (3). Of the 29, only 3 went on to develop any symptoms.

4. Positive cases increasing? – According to Johns Hopkins Data (4) on the USA, the number of cases is now 14,337,640, while deaths ‘from people who have tested positive for Covid-19’ are 278,594. According to the CDC (5)- during week 48, of 3,005,511 specimens tested for SARS-CoV-2 for diagnostic purposes, 350,378 (11.7%). were positive. This figure is slightly increasing in recent months.

5. Death rates static? However, Data tweeted by the White House Scientific Coronavirus Advisor Dr. Scott Atlas on November 4 th showed that despite huge increases in people testing positive for Covid-19, the death rate per head of population has remained static (6).

6. A similar picture has emerged in the UK. According to a report by the Guardian, which positive test cases have soared to over 16,000 cases a day, the number of ‘Covid related deaths’ has stayed static at a little over 500 per day (7).

7. But what does ‘Covid related’ deaths actually mean? This figure that means someone once tested positive but they could have actually died from something else – car crash, cancer, – ‘deaths linked to the disease’ is another of the Guardian’s meaningless phrases),

8. So even the numbers of supposed Covid deaths are questionable. This ‘questionable recording’ has been admitted by the CDC. From Feb 1 st to August 22, their ‘provisional death count’ of ‘deaths involving Covid’, was 164,280. But the CDC say 94% of the deaths had at least 2.6 other conditions already that could have led to death (8). Old age can simply be a factor; in the USA, 58% of ‘deaths involving Covid’ over this period were in the 75+ age group. According to the CDC’s own figures, Covid death was linked with just 0.05 percent of the U.S. population and was the ‘sole factor’ in the deaths of a mere 0.003 percent.

9. So incensed were a couple of Oxford University scientists, that they kicked up a fuss and the UK Government has now changed the definition of a Covid death. You now have to die within 28 days of a positive Covid test. This has wiped 5,000 or more deaths off the 60,000 total. You could still have died in a car crash or from cancer or a heart attack though! The test could still have been positive because you had ‘flu 9 years ago.

10. Professor Keith Neal of Nottingham University in the UK said in the same article that changing to 28 days is a sensible step as it brings England in line with many other countries. From that we have to conclude that many countries are using an equally faulty system. It should be remembered that in the first weeks of the pandemic, it was the people with ‘metabolic syndrome’ and those over age 60 that accounted for over 98% of early deaths (9). Metabolic syndrome is where people already have one THREE out of five major health conditions.

Go to: Metabolic Syndrome

I detailed in March that the Italians themselves have reported that 99.2% of the deaths were in the old and/or people with a serious pre-existing illness – a second study showed almost 75% had high blood pressure, 33% had heart disease and 35% had diabetes. The average age of those dying from COVID -19 was 79.5.

Professor Neal has recently said in the same BBC interview (8) that “These non-Covid deaths in post 28 day survivors would become an ever increasing percentage of the England Covid deaths being reported and so they have nothing to do with the data.”

11. Back in March 2020 at the outset of Covid in the UK, I talked of media panic, ignoring data and ignoring common sense. I detailed the normal flu season in the UK and how the data showed Covid was only a little worse than the normal ‘flu season. With ordinary ‘flu, most people don’t even go to the Doctor. They take a few pills and go to bed. Even so, the UK Government does its best to record these. In particular it looks at ‘All Cause mortality’ then subtracts the normal reasons people die (heart attack, Cancer etc) to leave a total flu figure.

This ‘all cause’ death figure is somewhat similar to how ‘Covid related deaths’ were treated at the outset.

Let’s look at 2010, before flu jabs became common place so that we are looking at like for like; unprotected vs unprotected. In the UK, it is perfectly normal to see increases in ‘all cause’ deaths during ‘flu season – in fact 14,000 people were dying each week with flu around in 2010. In other words, it would have taken just 4 weeks to get to the original UK ‘Covid-related death ‘ totals that were being touted!

12. Make no mistake, Covid is akin to ‘flu, it attacks the respiratory system and tends to kill the old and the sick, almost exactly as ‘flu does. This is why the UK Government every year tries to get old folk, health workers and ill people to have a ‘flu jab. You may be surprised that they are telling people to get one this year too. They must feel that there’s a ‘flu strain around. So I looked up the data for the UK in October 2020. Sure enough we do have cases of ordinary ‘flu, running at 1.5 per 100,000 people. In the same week in October 2019, pre-Covid, the data showed a figure of 92.3 per 100,000. Which set me wondering, “Where have the 91 missing cases of ordinary ‘flu gone?” With a Population of 60 million, we are missing 54,000 people a week with ‘flu.

13. According to the Office of National Statistics in the UK (11), we are bringing Covid under control. In December, based on positive test results, which even they say include large numbers of asymptomatic people, they state that about 521,000 people in the UK have tested positive for the virus, They also estimate that there are about 47 new positive cases a day per 100,000. If you subtract the numbers that are getting better each day and remove the asymptomatic cases, which they don’t report on, do we really have something that is more than just a bad dose of ‘flu?

14. Not according to Dr Roger Hodkinson, a Cambridge University Graduate in Virology and Pathology, ex-president of Pathology in Medical Section and Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians examination committee in Canada, and who is also Chairman of a biotech company in North Carolina which has a genetic Covid-19 test. All recent videos by him on You Tube have been censored and removed – but you can hear what he has to say on the right of our home page. He calls the current hysteria ‘unfounded’ and ‘outrageous’, and ‘the greatest hoax ever’, driven by the media and politicians on an unsuspecting public. He claims that there is nothing that can be done to contain this virus other than protecting more vulnerable people. He believes Lockdowns are worthless and cause endless mental damage, loss of businesses, stress, depression, cancellations of family events and more; and Covid spreads like an aerosol over 30 metres making social distancing worthless, and people should make their own minds up about being fit for work.

He believes we have simply ‘seen nothing more than a bad ‘flu season’ and ‘this is not Ebola, nor is it SARS’. He is very clear that ‘masks are utterly useless – and there is no evidence to support them’.

He also – as someone in the testing business – stressed that testing is driving mass hysteria while a positive test result does NOT mean you have Covid and that all testing should stop unless you present at a Hospital with some respiratory problem.

He felt everybody should be taking 3,000-5,000 IUs of vitamin D, which has been shown to make a significant difference to prevention and survival. And that the death rate so far in the province of Canada where he spoke was just 1 person in 300,000 yet they were considering another Lockdown.

We will cover how the Medical Profession taking matters into their own hands have ‘saved the day’ in Covid, rejecting ventilators and discovering how combinations of drugs like steroids and vitamin D, small aspirin and even Melatonin can make a difference, while Politicians and Medical Hierarchies floundered.


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